• Isabel Fox


    Isabel Fox is a mother, wellness coach, Peloton enthusiast and one of just a handful of female General Partners in the UK. Prior to founding Luminous Ventures, Isabel was head of Venture Capital at White Cloud Capital where she focused on early stage investments in life sciences and healthcare.  With a background in investment banking and private equity turnarounds, Isabel founded and exited two corporate communications firms focused on the route to exit, co-founded two software start-ups (one exit) and been an active angel investor in the UK and US. She has worked in New York, San Francisco and London.  At Luminous Ventures, Isabel has the opportunity to invest in visionary founders with breakthrough technologies, and backing deep-tech and science that matters.  

  • Lomax Ward


    Max was previously a healthcare and life science investor at White Cloud Capital, making venture and growth capital investments in Europe and Asia across a range of indications, technologies and services.  Having graduated from the University of Cambridge, Max started out as a corporate lawyer at Slaughter and May in London, Milan and Tokyo, sitting in the TMT and IP group.  There he worked on, among other things, technology IPOs and M&A, giving him a taste for the commercial and investment side.  His experience in intellectual property and regulation is particularly useful for the deep technology companies in which Luminous invests.  Outside of the office, Max is often to be found trail running in the mountains or (where he can't get away) the Surrey Hills.

  • John Spindler


    Johns has a long background in the UK VC space and has a well earned reputation from his success. In parallel to working with Luminous, John will be running his own Seed fund, AI Seed. John has sat on both sides of the fence as both entrepreneur and investor. On the investing side, John is the former CEO of Capital Enterprise, co-founded the London Co-investment Fund and the Capital List, and was also  Investor Director at Basestone.

  • Alexander

    Alexander loves investing in the deep tech sector as he sees it as a return to his roots and that of venture capital. Alexander studied Engineering, Com Sci & Biotech for his undergrad in Australia and went on to conduct research at a cyclic particle accelerator in Canada before returning to complete a Masters of International Business. Whilst studying, Alexander worked with his TTO to spin out a number of technologies as well as co-founding an agri-biotech company in Thailand. After graduating, Alexander worked all over the world, including San Francisco, New York, Cambridge and Geneva, where he advised companies, government agencies and investors across a number of different areas - two relevant highlights for deep tech include Alexander co-founding a £140m patent fund and also developing a biotech hedge fund. In his spare time, Alexander runs his own quant fund, is the full-time EA to our Venture Canine Heidi, attempts to do some ultras and generally geek out when he’s not eating brunch or travelling.

  • Peter

    Peter is a scientist discovering the potential of technology to disrupt traditionally siloed and deeply technical scientific industries. Despite his pivot away from his background in therapeutics, he still appraises deep technology platforms with the same rigour common to the biopharma industry. Whilst the inflections in deep tech may be different to therapeutics, a commitment to quality science, a thorough understanding of the patient or customer need, and a clear capital efficient plan to execute are commonalities. He currently works in corporate strategy at Synthace, and before this was working in healthcare investment roles and with deep technology start-up accelerators. He has a DPhil in Chemical Biology from Oxford University, a master’s in chemistry (top of year) from Warwick Uni and experience in biopharma R&D. Outside of work, Peter is a huge animal lover, his favourite animals being the Beagle and as per his namesake, the Heron. He is also passionate about spending time outdoors and as such loves spending his summers surfing.

  • Ted Wachtmeister


    Ted is a former Associate at White Cloud Capital, investing in healthcare and industrial assets in Europe and Asia. Previous work experiences include corporate finance and business development in Sweden. Ted is a graduate of McGill University and as a kid used to have the first last mile delivery company in Stockholm for fruit.

  • Margaret

    Margaret was previously a director at Nielsen in their acquired Consumer Neuroscience division, where she helped commercialise and scale innovative neuroscience applications for advertising and consumer insights clients. Margaret is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and currently pursuing an MBA at the London Business School. In a previous life she opened a bakery and coached a competitive swim team. 

  • Heidi

    Heidi is our resident venture canine who is responsible for our teams’ physical and mental wellbeing - she likes long slow walks and giving people hugs especially if they have brought her treats. When not in the office, she likes to steal balls and occasionally sit on smaller dogs.

craig hadean
Craig Beddis, CEO, Hadean

I have been fortunate to have known Isabel Fox for almost 10 years. Isabel is one of the most connected people I know with a vast network of business and investment contacts. Isabel's understanding and support of early stage companies is fantastic, I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any entrepreneur or company looking for investment or strategic marketing support.