Founder judgement is a critical characteristic for us. Setting the right milestones, hiring the right people, and focusing on the right business issues are crucial to sustained success.

We partner with Surf n’ Code, a product and ventures studio, to have world-class product and engineering support on hand.


  • sonny singh

    Sonny Singh

    venture partner, US

    Chief Commercial Officer, Bitpay; VP Sales & Business Development, Jumio

  • shadi mahassel

    Shadi Mahassel


    CEO and Co-founder, Surf n’ Code; Former Senior Product Manager, Skype

  • Sarah Malter

    Sarah Malter


    Managing Director, Simplr; Founder, Kapitalise; Former Managing Director, WATSON H2020

  • Ryan Ward

    Ryan Ward

    commercial & sales

    Senior Sales Executive, Salesforce; Senior Sales Executive, Docusign

  • mo ladha

    Mo Ladha


    CPO and Co-founder, Surf n’ Code; Former Head of Product, Amazon

  • koen vos

    Koen Vos


    Present Chief Scientist and Co-founder, Surf n’ Code; Former Principal Architect, Microsoft

  • john taysom

    John Taysom

    angel in residence

    Founder, Reuters Venture Capital; >60 angel investments

  • John Chang

    John Chang


    Co-founder and Principal Engineer, Surf n’ Code; Senior Soft. Dev. Engineer, Apple

  • Jason Lessard

    Jason Lessard


    Partner, HGF Ltd.; IP Director, Clifton Cowley; Former Partner, Hepworth Browne

  • James Joll

    James Joll


    Former CFO, Pearson

  • Harry Low

    Harry Low

    Life Sciences

    Research Fellow, Imperial College, Department of Life Sciences; Research Fellow, Wellcome Trust

  • Gordon Henderson

    Gordon Henderson


    Managing Director, Millport Capital; Former Marketing, Digital & Innovation Director, AXA UK

  • Gordon Cameron

    Gordon Cameron


    Director of Agribusiness, BXR Group; Chairman of the Board, Grupo Iowa

  • Fred Becker

    Fred Becker


    Board Director and Investor, Pivigo; Former Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, Lumata; Former Director of Corporate Development, Skype

  • David Barber

    David Barber


    Professor of Machine Learning, UCL; Director, UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence; Chief Scientific Officer, re:infer

  • Alex Jones

    Alex Jones


    EMEA Partner Manager, Slack; Former Partner Manager for UK, Ireland and South Africa, Dropbox

david plans
David Plans, CEO, BioBeats

Luminous is a very unusual VC, in that they are founder-friendly (when most people only claim to be) and entrepreneurs themselves. They have the rare combination of deep understanding of the challenges we face as well as being seriously hands on about helping in measurable, significant ways. Hard to think how we could've found a better partner.