Luminous Venture’s General Partner and Co-Founder, Isabel Fox was invited to discuss the latest Facebook figures on BBC News: BBC Business Live with presenters Sally Bundock and Victoria Fritz. The interview was broadcast simultaneously on BBC World, which has a global audience of 99 million.

Speaking about the growth of Instagram despite Facebook’s recent privacy issues, Isabel commented:

Facebook has had public problems, scandal after scandal – and yet the advertisers, that say they’re concerned, just continue to spend. There’s certainly been a lot of talk about what they’re going to be doing around encryption, security, privacy and the spend they’re going to put into that… but even the fine it may sound like a lot of money, but it’s actually the cost of them doing business rather than them being hit by the need to change.

And on Instagram, you’ve got 500 million daily users of Instagram Stories – so that’s where they’re really seeing the growth. And I think what will be interesting is when Stories starts to get more advertisers. Currently, three million advertisers are using it and that will obviously increase – especially as, at the moment, they’re discounting prices for advertisers. But whether that then starts to affect people’s interest with Instagram will be the telling sign.

You can view Isabel’s interview on the BBC Iplayer at: