We’re delighted to announce that we have invested in UK tech start-up Temporall, founded by former Google directors, with a £1m Seed investment.

We’re entering a unique moment in which organisations that look after and understand their employees will succeed. Every successful business is dependent on the health, performance and productivity of its workforce.

Our initial interest in the team came through a more general thesis that companies needed a better digital solution for understanding its people, processes and systems for a competitive edge.  The Temporall team’s passion to deliver an analytics-based platform to provide leaders with key performance insights that help improve employee engagement, productivity and reduce risk exposure grabbed our attention immediately. The customer pull from the likes of Google, Blue Prism, Rakuten, Dyson, Anthony Nolan and XL Media showed us there was genuine demand.

Many leadership teams don’t have a clear picture of what’s happening within their own organisation, especially its people, which makes it very difficult to get things done. This ‘partial insight’ causes strategies to fail and risk to be magnified. The whole premise of Temporall is to bring clarity to leaders – to help leadership teams understand where they are, what to do next and in what order.

Clearly, the world has changed since our initial views. With COVID-19 and increased remote working the importance of people has become even more important. Temporall quickly launched its Organisational Resilience Index (ORI) specifically to help leaders build resilience during – and in the new normal that follows – a crisis. Building its own proprietary framework, based on a detailed analysis of the 30 attributes associated with outstanding organisational resilience and the work of leading academics, the platform gathers data from multiple sources and analyses the results to give leaders more complete situational awareness. Using these insights, leaders can understand the mindset, behaviours and actions that impact resilience, and therefore deliver organisational change at speed.

What we now realise is that leaders can’t rely on the normal processes they previously used to understand and support their people. The current methods can’t do real-time, scale and predictive quality analysis required in this changing circumstances.  That’s exactly what Temporall is building.

As we move to a more remote workforce, the need for new technologies are essential. The tools we currently have are clearly inadequate for the enormity of the task. These platforms are either all-encompassing offerings that do a broad range of things, but don’t do any one thing particularly well or analogue with an annual survey and benchmarking. Both current options require too much work to separate the signal from the noise, which impacts both the speed and its impact. This is partly due to the quality of the data. Temporall on the other hand uses a fusion of human insights and automated technology that connects with the industry’s most widely used communication and collaboration tools to extract a stream of existing data already produced by employees in their daily responsibilities that can be turned into insights that drive strategic action. The company has world-class technology that allows organisations to seamlessly leverage the processes and systems of record to find the information it needs to make better decisions. If properly captured, this data can inform processes and decisions that are mission-critical with direct commercial impact. The product is deployed in large customers who’ve already seen dramatic improvements in helping companies improve their organisational performance. It is also used by a number of partners looking for a digital engagement method.

For example, leaders can quickly uncover how work actually gets done, identify patterns of behaviour, who drives change in the organisation, which teams are most productive and why. In essence, Temporall’s Workbench platform helps leaders to understand where their organisation is in a particular programme or process of change. With this insight, it helps leaders understand what needs to be done to effect the kind of performance improvement they need – and it ensures they can prioritise the things that matter. By offering these insights and recommendations on a continuous basis – rather than at moments in time as per traditional strategy – Temporall really is bringing clarity to decision making.

Temporall is in the ideal position to become a foundational company in the future of Organisational Intelligence. Anyone who’s come across Temporall in the market is undoubtedly well aware of their rapid pace of execution, and from the moment you first meet their founder and CEO, Thomas Davies, you’ll know exactly where it comes from. Luminous Ventures exists to partner with category defining companies like this and we look forward to working with Thomas and the Temporall team over the years to come.